How to choose hosting for e-commerce?

An ecommerce site requires a premium-level hosting plan from the very start of its operations. Here, customers send their personal and financial data, while the site architecture needs to process lots of in-depth queries to the underlying database. The best option is to pair off with a VPS plan from the very start (and not a shared hosting plan).

What to look for in a VPS plan?

First, you should make sure that the customer support team is qualified in diligent in their operations. It’s these very folks you’ll turn to in case of a major mess-up.

Second, choose a plan that gives you good page load speed and low latency so that your visitors don’t have to wait on you.

Third, pick a plan that was specifically created to play nice with the CMS you use, be it WordPress, Magento or anything else. This will make your database whoosh around even faster, enabling you to deliver an even more stunning user experience.

In addition, we advise you to pick a web host who’s also strong in the VDS basket since you site will probably want to migrate there at some point in time.