How to choose hosting for ICO?

If you’re looking for a hosting solution that will enable you to do a successful ICO or a fundraiser of another type, you should take your time and pull out all the stops in your vetting process. Otherwise, your hosting provider might pull the plug on your project, right in the middle of the campaign you’ve been working so hard to prepare for.

Factors to consider

First, you need to talk directly with the support team and make sure that the hosting provider has no problem with you doing an ICO campaign or another fundraiser along these lines. Not all web hosts are ready to deal with the innovative fintech-powered projects, so you need to clarify this in advance.

Second, dig in deep into the bandwidth restrictions, page load speed and other metrics because in the event that you’re inundated with traffic coming from all over the world, your ICO site might get inaccessible.

Third, pick a plan that gets you a good deal of security because your ICO website might be a tasty target for hackers out there, so getting good protection for your project makes sense.