How to choose hosting for MarTech and AdTech?

If you are looking for a good hosting plan that will resilience and performance to your MarTech or AdTech platform, pick a highly scalable solution with a strong global network behind it.

Key factors to consider

First, martech and adtech is all about automated bidding where every millisecond matters. You need to go off with a hosting provider who already has a strong network of servers globally so that there’s low latency, no matter where the user is. The host should leverage a truly wide network of data centers and PoPs, deploying the best server machines out there!

Second, look for a company that’s willing to do what it takes in order to help you scale efficiently and cost-effectively. Consult with the team to find out any hidden renewal hikes and limitations for server resources you might face.

Third, remember that security is a key enabler for martech and adtech players since it’s catnip for hackers. So, starting off with a VPS solution (and sidestepping shared packages altogether) makes sense.