How to choose hosting for forex?

Forex trading is a booming industry that brings together players from all over the world, from national banks to lone traders.

Even though a broker can purchase, install and maintain their own server machines, it’s advised to partner up with specialised hosting providers who are more knowledgeable about the equipment solutions and can leverage the architecture they’ve already deployed thanks to virtualization.

What specific details to research?

First, it’s always a good idea to hook up with the customer support team in the live chat before “tying the knot”, so that you can see how diligently and professionally they will process your queries.

Second, look for the hosting packages with the highest speed because it’s every millisecond that plays a big role in the lightning-speed world of forex trading.

Third, find out the latency between the web host’s servers and forex trading server machines. A value above the double-digits in milliseconds should act as a major turn-off since your customers might start seeing slippage and find themselves in the “requoting hell”.